How It Works

StreetShares provides your institution with a completely digital, small business lending experience. Our white-label lending platform makes costly small business lending divisions a thing of the past.

The StreetShares Platform is Your Platform

Customers see easy-to-use screens and application process, while you have full visibility into the customer journey, from acquisition to servicing and support.  

Most banks and credit unions can be up and running in 30 days without any integration to the core system and loans can be funded by either StreetShares or the institution. 

The key to acquiring quality loans is in how well you decision the loans and how fast you can say “Yes.” The StreetShares Platform provides advanced, patent pending underwriting capabilities and the assurance of being bank regulator compliance-tested.  

The banker’s perspective

Understanding how to use data in small business lending provides a powerful, competitive advantage. While most business intelligence projects require integration with the core system and complex data extractions from multiple siloed systems, the StreetShares Platform can be configured and implemented without complex integrations, giving your institution a full suite of analytics to better understand your customers and more effectively cross-sell them additional products and services.

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